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The Editor tool allows you to alter the appearance of pictures.


Click on the Photo+Frame button to combine a frame and a picture into one image.

To Edit the Photo Edge

Click on one of buttons underneath the Frame dropdown menu.
The picture and the frame are now combined into one image.

Round : Rounds the corners on the picture

Margin : Change the size and appearance of the space between the picture and the edge of the canvas
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Frame Line : Creates a line around the inner edge of the picture

To Change the Tone







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Adjust the size of your picture in pixels by entering values in the Width or Height area. Alternatively, adjust the size of your picture by moving the Ratio slider left and right.

Note: To keep the ratio between the Width and Height the same, click "Preserve aspect ratio"

Quick Resize (Popup Menu)

Reduce the longer length : Reduces the longest edge of the picture to a smaller standard while maintaining aspect ratio.
Adjust the longer length : Allows you to customize the length of the longest edge while maintaining aspect ratio.
Adjust width : Allows you to customize the width while maintaining aspect ratio.
Adjust height : Allows you to customize the height while maintaining aspect ratio.

Bright, Color

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Bright,Color (Popup Menu)

Color Conversion Video

Contrast Enhancement: Alters photo by increasing the contrast between lighting and colors

Deepen: Makes the tones in the photo appear richer

Brighten: Makes the photo lighter

Darken: Makes the photo darker

Decolor: Drains colors from a photo

Color Curves, Saturation Curve, Luminance Curve: Corrects color balance by creating an overall shift in the shadows, mid tones, and highlights
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White Balance: Removes unrealistic color casts, so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo
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Color Balance: Adjusts the intensities of the main colors your image is composed from

Remove Color Cast: Removes user-defined color casts and adjusts white balances

Colorize: Add color and saturation to the photo

Color Enhance: Increases the saturation range of the colors in the layer without altering brightness or hue

Dilate: Weakens colors in photo (opposite of eroding)

Erode: Strengthens colors in photo (opposite of dilating)

Sepia: Creates an “old-fashioned” effect by changing your picture to a reddish brown tone

Grayscale: Eliminates hue to create a black and white tone picture

Reverse Black and White: Reverses the colors of the pictures

Threshold: Changes a color picture to a black and white silhouette


Sharpen 1

Sharpen 7

Sharpen 13

Radius 0.1 / Amount 10%

Radius 4.0 / Amount 250%

Radius 8.0 / Amount 500%


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Glowing effect


Backlighit Correction

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Brightening Dark Areas of the Photo


If the preset is marked with a (+), the option will brighten darker areas in the photo by the specified percent. If preset is marked with a (+/-), the option will brighten dark areas and darken bright areas.

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