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Batch Editor

The Batch Editor tool allows you to make similar changes to multiple pictures.

Rotate (Home Tab)

1. Rotate 90 degrees CCW
2. Rotate 90 degrees CW
3. Flip Horizontal
4. Flip Vertical

Frame to All Photos (Home Tab)

1. Click on the dropdown menu directly beneath the tabs.
2. Select a frame from the menu.



Method of Resize (Home Tab)

Interpolation Options

Apply Margin & Round (Home Tab)

Click 1 -

Click 2 -


Round - 30

Filter Tab

Auto Level: Redistributes colors throughout the photo in hopes of color correcting photos
Auto Contrast: Alters photo by changing the contrast between lighting and colors
Sharpen: Increases the appearance of edges in a photo
Backlight Correction: If percent is a (+), makes darker areas in the photo brighter; if percent is a (+/-), makes bright areas darker and dark areas brighter
Contrast Enhance: Alters photo by increasing the contrast between lighting and colors
Deepen: Makes the tones in the photo appear richer
Brighten: Makes the photo lighter
Darken: Makes the photo darker
Bright: Increase or decrease level of light and darkness in a photo
Contrast: Increase or decrease level of contrast between lighting and color in a photo
Decolor: Drains colors from a photo
Bloom: Applies a softer filter to the photo, making the edges bleed into each other
Film Effect: Makes photo appear to be taken on different kinds of film
Vignetting: Adds different gradients of darkness around the edges of the photo
Sepia: Makes the photo black and white and appear to be developed using Sepia toner (A different color than black and white, but still monochromatic)
Antique Photo: Gives the appearance of an older photograph
Grayscale: Makes the photo black and white
Blur: Blurs the photo
Negative: Gives the photo the appearance of a film negative
Erode: Strengthens colors in photo (opposite of dilating)
Dilate: Weakens colors in photo (opposite of eroding)

Picture to all Pictures (Object Tab)

Text to all Pictures (Object Tab)

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